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Behind the LCD

I have 19 years of teaching experience and I during that time I have won teacher of the year 10 times. I truly love teaching and I’m told that I’m extremely patient and approachable. I teach through analogy for the sake of comprehension rather than the “here is information that I want you to regurgitate” method.


I have worked with students of all ages, ethnicities and special needs and I’ve been able to work successfully with all of them and love the challenge. I love learning and researching things that I can incorporate and put into my classes as well as the challenges that come from students who trying things I’ve never conceived of and have I have to figure out how to make it work.


Through the course of my career, I now have years of students and colleagues that are not restricted to just California, but internationally with almost all the major game companies. I find it hard to watch a movie without seeing some of my students in the credits and I’m still in touch with students all the way back from our first class from 1998. They still sometimes call or message me to ask me questions or to have me introduce them to other people in my network.


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