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LMC Student Files and Downloads

This is where you can find the most updated files, handouts and Curriculum.
Class Sylabii


These files are the curriculum.

PowerPoint Class Files


These are the intros to the classes and intro tutorial to Maya (Mudbox coming soon)

These will be updated regularly.

Maya and Mudbox Shortcuts


These are the shortcut keys to Maya and Mudbox

Descriptive Data Sheet


Use this to plan and detail out your room assignment. Fill it out and turn it in with as much detail as possible. This will be your guide of what things need to be modeled, what style you're going for, and what the people are who inhabit the area.

Lights Definitions / Setting up Physical Sun and Sky.


These are definitions of the lights we'll be using in maya and a quick guide to setting up Physical Sun and Sky in Maya Mental Ray.

Principles of Animation


These are various files going over the 12 principles of animation.


Assignment Details


These are your assignments.

Make sure to read them and ask if you have any questions.

Maya Downloads


This is a folder containing downloads for your assignments. It contains:

  • The Preferences- for Maya that we use in class including TyShelf

  • The PC and MAC Bonus Tools Installs- that you can also get from the Autodesk App Store for free.

  • Maya Scene files- including the George scale reference and the basic room Mesh.

  • Maya Sourceimages- the are for textures in demos and image plane examples.

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